GET api/Monitor/WebErrors?hours={hours}

Check errors on website

GET api/Monitor/WebErrorStatus?minutes={minutes}&warning={warning}&error={error}

No documentation available.

GET api/Monitor/WebserviceErrors?hours={hours}

Check error in webservice

GET api/Monitor/WebServiceErrorStatus?minutes={minutes}&warning={warning}&error={error}

No documentation available.

GET api/Monitor/SignetStatus?message={message}

No documentation available.

GET api/Monitor/UtilitiesStatus

Check connection to utilitiesservice


Forms controller to handle forms and applications

POST api/Forms/ApplicationPDF

Get application PDF

POST api/Forms/ApplicationData

Get application data

POST api/Forms/Applications

Get application PDF signed or unsigned in a zip file

POST api/Forms/ApplicationsData

Get data for applications

POST api/Forms/DeleteApplication

Delete applications fitting application request

POST api/Forms/SubmitApplication

No documentation available.

GET api/Forms/GetForm/{id}

Get specific form

GET api/Forms/GetForms

Get list of forms for company

POST api/Forms/GetToken

Get a SSO token for submitting form

POST api/Forms/TestNotify

Test registered notification endpoint

GET api/Forms/GetApplication/{id}

Get application PDF

GET api/Forms/GetApplicationData/{id}

Get application data


GET api/Status/Get

Test method

POST api/Status/Notify

Notify of status changes